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We have been providing IELTS classes at different times to match students' schedules. We take pride in having the top teachers that use a methodical approach to help students ace the IELTS. BECS has effectively facilitated students' transition to study overseas by helping them achieve excellent academic outcomes. We provide the greatest instruction possible along with resources, opportunities, and tips to help students improve their IELTS scores.

We are pleased to announce that we are the official IELTS registration center of British Council, demonstrating our commitment to providing you with the best services possible to help you achieve your language proficiency objectives.

Selecting the appropriate IELTS platform is important if you want to achieve academic and professional success. We are very proud to declare that we are the official IELTS registration center of the esteemed British Council, which is evidence of our dedication to you the best possible services to fulfill your language proficiency goals.

Why are we different?

  1. The British Council's official IELTS registration center
  2. The course lasts for 5-7 weeks, except for the practice exam and revision.
  3. Free IELTS materials from British council
  4. Seminars and Webinars from Professors, British council 
  5. Weekly practice/Mock tests
  6. Engaging classes

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